It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Since the last update, here’s what I’ve been up to, in no particular order –

  • recovering from dental surgery.   My wisdom teeth belatedly decided to give me all sorts of problems,  so out they came.  The surgery itself wasn’t too bad – I remember being loopy and feeling high as a kite, but don’t remember anything during.  After a couple of days, am feeling better than expected.  There is of course, the sore jaw and swollen cheeks, and the overwhelming urge to poke my fingers into the gaping holes in my gums (sorry TMI!).  Also, I am getting tired of eating soup.  The ice cream though, is made of win!
  • witnessed nasty car accident in San Francisco, complete with on the scene first aid (by me!), getting statement taken by nice policeman, and getting asked stupid questions by rubbernecking passersby.
  • went camping at Salt Point State Park.   Salt Point State Park was where the sandstone for streets in San Francisco were mined back in the day.  Also, there were tanning seals and random abandoned safes in the middle of the hiking trail.  Click and see!

    sandstone formation

    sandstone formation

  • saw fishies!  And pretty water things! More here.

    sea anemones at the National Aquarium

    sea anemones at the National Aquarium

  • drove to Detroit for work and to visit Nana, and accidentally ended up on the bridge to Canada.  Without my passport – see part about driving to Detroit.  Ended up having to get my car searched, answering a bunch of tedious questions from the nice immigration folks, and watching the guy in the next car pod getting yanked out of his car and arrested.
  • there was knitting.  Most of which have been gifted.  Unfortunately, before I remembered to take pictures.  Except for this – which I made for my cousin Celeste.  Gooseberry hat and wee socks, out of good ‘ol Cotton Ease in Azalea.  Rav deets here.

    Gooseberry hat and wee socks

    Gooseberry hat and wee socks

  • a renewed commitment to hopefully blog more!  Fingers crossed!

Spring break was spent in the Bay Area.  Catching up with dear friends.  Eating good food.  And then there’s this –

embracing the sky

Drawing me in and making me not want to leave.

No sign of winter there.  No sign of spring here.  At least not yet.

More pictures here.

Since I last posted, I have been to Atlanta, where I spent the holidays with my cousin B. There was much laying about doing nothing, eating good food and trading of family news. There was also a trip to the High Museum to see the excellent Chinese Army terracotta warrior exhibit. It’s so strange to see these in the flesh – I still remember the 5th grade class where we talked about the Chin dynasty and the warriors buried in Xian. More pictures from that trip here.

comparing heights with the terra cotta warrior at High Museum

comparing heights with the terra cotta warrior at High Museum

On to the Bay Area, where there was much laying about doing nothing, eating good food (sensing a theme here?). There was an awesome camping trip to Point Reyes, where it is impossible to turn around and not encounter a breathtaking vista. More pictures of that trip here.

there were sea lions sunning themselves at the beach

there were sea lions sunning themselves at the beach


Wow, where does the time go? I wish I could say time flies when you’re having fun, but really, this little matter of being employed is a huge time suck. So while time is flying, the fun? Not so much.

At any rate, September’s almost over. Here’s a mishmash of the months highs and lows:

I finally made it to Niagara Falls! I live a few hours drive away from the Falls and have been meaning to go check it out for the longest time. My friends Meg and Jenny (we’ve known each other since grade school!) were visiting from Manila and Niagara Falls was on their must-see list.  I met up with them there, where we joined a large throng of tourists on the Maid of the Mist, got thoroughly drenched and had a great time. The Falls are pretty spectacular, although there was a lot more construction near the shores of the Falls, both on the American and Canadian sides, than I expected. (more…)

School started this week. Although I teach in a year-round program, the summer months are typically slower, so I have a bit of a life. But fall and spring terms get really crazy. As a last hurrah before the craziness starts in earnest, I went to Seattle for a few days.

I had a great time. One of the many things I like about Seattle is how lush and green and alive everything looks, stereotypical wet Seattle weather notwithstanding. I mean, who can resist an explosion of color like this?

This trip also turned out to be mini reunion of sorts. My aunt made a last minute trip up from SoCal, one of my cousins was in town for an extended business trip, my globe-trotting 90 year old grandaunt was in town between trips, and two of my friends from Manila (who I’ve known since we were in the fourth grade together) were in town visiting. The stars were aligned this time.

Seattle also happens to be home to many totally random and odd sightings. This was one among many “huh?” moments. Spotted inside a Chinese dimsum restaurant. Maybe because the red in the sign matches the decor?

More photos here.

My, posting has been a bit sparse, hasn’t it? At any rate, back from a short trip to the Washington DC area. Mostly for work, but also a bit of play.

Work = boring and stressful. The less said about that, the better.

Play = exploring a city with so much to see, going to this awesome exhibit (picture a roomful of adults happily singing along to obscure Sesame Street songs!), getting in some aikido practice at Shobukan, catching up with friends.

Better late than never!

The Summer of Travel continued on to Boston, for my friend Mike’s wedding! Boston is a city I really like. Yeah, the streets don’t make a lot of sense, which is the kiss of death if you’re as navigationally-challenged as I am, but it’s got a lot of character and a lot of history, plus a lot of good places to eat.

Weddings are a good excuse to see friends and pig out. The ol’ Houston gang turned up to wish Mike well. Here’s a rather grainy picture ganked from Oki of the gang at Dali’s, a really good tapas place.

At Dali\'s

The wedding was perfect. The bride looked radiant, the groom didn’t look too bad either. The wedding banquet was fantastic (yum yum!) You’ll have to take my word on the food because my camera died at the banquet.

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