Ummm…I sort of fell off the face of the earth, didn’t I?  I think I’ll blame ennui for this one.  Also end of semester grading purgatory and workplace moving hijinks made for an extended stay in crankypants-land.  So there.

Anyway, there were quite a few knitting projects completed since the last update so –

with extra purple for pizzazz!

with extra purple for pizzazz!

Pattern: Gentleman’s sock in railway stitch, from Knitting Vintage Socks.
Yarn: Crystal Palace Panda cotton in jet black (2 skeins) and royal purple (1 skein), size 1 DPNs.

These were a present for Oki, who seems to like ’em (huzzah!).   Contrasting purple heels and toes on request.  The yarn has a nice heft and feel to it, but was a bit splitty.  The colors are pretty vibrant and kind of sheeny.  Pardon the somewhat washed out photograph – I wanted to try to show some of the stitch detail and the black was not cooperating. 

clappy in the wild

Pattern: the ubiquitous Clapotis, Knitty Fall ’04 (wow, has it been out that long?)
Yarn: Steam Valley Fiber mohair-merino, 3 skeins.

At Nana’s last year, Andrea took a liking to the Clappy I made for myself out of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.   Well, since Andrea was the one who got me started on knitting in the first place, and because I had these skeins of yummy mohair-merino that was just sitting in my stash, and the clap happens to be perfect social knitting….this was a pretty easy project decision to make.   The yarn is hand dyed so the skeins didn’t exactly match.  In fact, once unwound, the skeins didn’t look like siblings at all.  More like very distant relatives.  Very distant.  Leading to the following conversation in my head –

Anal Jet (AJ): Oooh, it looks like the colors are gonna pool.  You should alternate skeins.
Laid-back Jet (LJ): Enh!  It’ll be fine.  Besides, if we alternate skeins, this project will be too fiddly for social knitting.
AJ: But it’s a present!  It should be juuust right.
LJ: But a little pooling never hurt anyone.  It’ll make it more dramatic!

Laid-back Jet usually wins out.  Of course, it pooled like a champ.  Fortunately, the dropped stitches made the pooling a lot less obvious.  Whew!

fits like a glove

fits like a glove

Pattern: Ipod cozy.  Made up pattern.
Yarn: left over sock yarn – Koigu for the body and Regia for the earbud pocket

My “antique” Ipod mini finally died an agonizing death so I ended up getting an Ipod Nano.  In orange!  Those who know me are not surprised at all.  Anyway, good stashbusting project this one.  Totally winged the pattern – knit a tube of appropriate size, bound off half of the stitches and continued knitting the top flap until the right size.  Sewed up the bottom of the tube, leaving a small hole for the earbuds.  Picked up stitches for the pocket and knit until tall enough to stash earbuds.

I am hoping that this will not be my only post for December.  Since the earth might open up and swallow me whole though- happy holidays, y’all!