Wow, where does the time go? I wish I could say time flies when you’re having fun, but really, this little matter of being employed is a huge time suck. So while time is flying, the fun? Not so much.

At any rate, September’s almost over. Here’s a mishmash of the months highs and lows:

I finally made it to Niagara Falls! I live a few hours drive away from the Falls and have been meaning to go check it out for the longest time. My friends Meg and Jenny (we’ve known each other since grade school!) were visiting from Manila and Niagara Falls was on their must-see list.  I met up with them there, where we joined a large throng of tourists on the Maid of the Mist, got thoroughly drenched and had a great time. The Falls are pretty spectacular, although there was a lot more construction near the shores of the Falls, both on the American and Canadian sides, than I expected.

There has been knitting! I finished a couple of pairs of socks. Here’s one of the pairs out in the wild –

Pattern: Oak-ribbed socks from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: Left-over hand-dyed stripey sock yarn, meant to mimic Gryffindor house stripes from Harry Potter, size 2 DPNs.

The Oak-ribbed socks have become my go-to mindless knitting sock pattern, and this particular pair turned to be the best fitting pair I’ve made for myself yet. I wore this pair out on my regular weekend bike ride around Presque Isle and several people stared at me/ came over to ask questions when I pulled out my camera to take pictures of the socks. The other pair of socks is a gift and is still winging it’s way to the recipient, so I’ll have to write about those later.

Speaking of bikes, there’s been a rash of car vs. bicycle accidents around these parts. And I haven’t been immune. Even though there’s quite a number of bike commuters and recreational bikers here, most motorists around these parts don’t pay attention. A couple of weeks ago, while biking to work, I got into a little accident with a car. Fortunately, I was wearing my helmet, and feel super lucky to have been able to walk away from that incident with only bruises and a slightly dinged bike.

By coincidence, one of my co-workers also got into a bicycle accident several days later and broke her collarbone. Ick. We’re already short-staffed at the hospital (the clinical part of my job), so now I’m probably going to be working extra hours over there because co-worker is probably going to be out 6 weeks or more.

As for the academia job? It’s going relatively well, although that hasn’t prevented me from staring out the window and wistfully wishing for Fall Break to get here already.  Because that means I get to take a trip to Houston!  To see friends!  Who I’ve been thinking a lot about lately because of that wretched Hurricane Ike.