Shameless follower I am. Please pardon the extreme bad hair day.

Pattern: Gloria cowl
Yarn: Sundara superwash sock, somewhat solid aqua with purple. Size 8 DPNs, yarn held double

Cowls don’t get much easier than this! This project turned out really well. Looks good, perfect for social knitting, and a great way to use up stash sock yarn. The Sundara yarn was squooshy and knits up very well. I’m a big fan of the semi-solid color, I think it gives depth to the finished garment.

I cast on 91 stitches instead of the called for 99, and did 5 rounds of seed stitch instead of 3. I wanted to use up the entire 2 skeins of yarn, so this turned out just a teeny bit longer than ideal. But no leftover yarn! In fact, I managed to overestimate the yardage a bit that I ran out of yarn before the cast off row. Problem solved by using leftover purple sock yarn. Design element, ahem.