June 2008

Better late than never!

The Summer of Travel continued on to Boston, for my friend Mike’s wedding! Boston is a city I really like. Yeah, the streets don’t make a lot of sense, which is the kiss of death if you’re as navigationally-challenged as I am, but it’s got a lot of character and a lot of history, plus a lot of good places to eat.

Weddings are a good excuse to see friends and pig out. The ol’ Houston gang turned up to wish Mike well. Here’s a rather grainy picture ganked from Oki of the gang at Dali’s, a really good tapas place.

At Dali\'s

The wedding was perfect. The bride looked radiant, the groom didn’t look too bad either. The wedding banquet was fantastic (yum yum!) You’ll have to take my word on the food because my camera died at the banquet.


This has been turning out to be the Summer of Travel. There has been much airport hopping and snacking on bad airport food. Also the inevitable travel delays that crop up when I take to the open skies – the Travel Curse is strong in that one and so forth.

Here’s where I’ve been the past several weeks.

At the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco. Doing some trail building and trail maintenance work at several national parks in the Bay Area, as part of an American Hiking Society crew. A great excuse to see national parks. Getting dirty and doing heavy manual labor isn’t so bad if you wake up to sights like this –

I’ve now added park ranger to my list of back-up career plans. I have this urge to set up a tent and just live in the Muir Woods.

A few of the people who were on the trail crew had never been to San Francisco before, so I got to tag along and do some tourist-y sightseeing.

We were able to stay at the Presidio for a few nights. It turns out that George Lucas is leasing some parts of the Presidio for Lucasfilms. Of course as soon as I heard that, I HAD to go see! My membership in the nerd union would’ve been revoked if I left without having my picture taken at the Yoda fountain.

Notice that the Ravelry shirt made it into the picture too!

My friends Ken and Kathleen had a baby! The little one’s name is Jacob and he’s perfect.

I’d be kicked out of the knitting union if I didn’t try to knit something for him.

Pattern: Bunny Hop baby blanket (Rav link)
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Lime, 2.5 skeins. Size 8 Denise Interchangeables.

This was actually the first time I’ve used Cotton-Ease. I guess I can understand the uproar that happened when Lion (misguidedly) discontinued it a couple of years ago. The yarn is soft and washes like a champ. I have to say I’m not a fan of the current color selection – I think many of the colors look pretty washed out. I do like the lime color though. The baby blanket pattern was fun to knit – I pretty much knit it without any modifications. For the life of me, I couldn’t seem to memorize the pattern repeats though, so this didn’t turn out to be mindless knitting as I had initially hoped. I’m pretty pleased with the results though, and I hope Jacob enjoys his blankie.