Five easy steps to a tangle – a tangled yoke cardigan!

Pattern: Tangled Yoke cardigan by Eunny Jang, Interweave Knits, Fall 2007
Yarn: Artfibers Nirvana, color #9 (undyed), every last bit of 2 cones (about 1200 yards). Size 5 Denise interchangeables for the body, size 3 and 1 straights for the neckband and buttonbands.

Not a lot of modifications for this project. I lengthened the body by a couple of inches and the sleeves by an inch. I also added an extra button. The buttons I used were these coconut buttons I found at Jo-Ann’s on sale. I loves them! The yarn was undyed Nirvana, a yummy silk/cashmere blend I purchased at Artfibers in San Francisco. It’s a bit hairy, but super soft. I think the undyed yarn sort of tarts it up a bit too. Although the cardi is totally wearable as is, the buttonbands pull just a bit. I may add some grosgrain ribbon to it later to stabilize them.

Can I just join the knitting masses in saying how much I enjoyed knitting this? Miles and miles of stockinette stitch notwithstanding, the finished sweater is totally worth it. It fits like a dream! This makes the second consecutive garment I’ve made that fits well, which totally boggles my mind. I may be anal in some things, but swatching and pattern reading are not those things. I’m almost afraid of what the knitting gods have in store for their future amusement.