October 2007

Back from a quick trip to San Francisco for more aikido goodness. I had a great time; it’s always a treat to train with Kato Sensei and other high level aikidoka. All that hitting and rolling and pounding is plenty exhilarating (and cathartic) even though I always come back from these trips with a bunch of bruises.

Apart from the aikido, there are some things that always seem to be constants when I make my way to the Bay Area –

A protest. I would expect no less as this was in front of an armed forces recruiting office. I sort of dig the orange jumpsuits.

street art in downtown Berkeley

having a good time with the Okester

the ugliest and cutest dog in the world

Something that’s out of the ordinary –

I started my first lace project! Hanami, out of some Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud that I had languishing in the stash. I’m only on the basketweave portion, but I’ve already figured out that I can’t do more than a few rows each time. All those yarnovers and ssk’s take a fair amount of concentration on my part, plus I’m not so used to reading knitting charts yet, so it’s a little slow going. Someone please tell me it’ll get easier 🙂


Frazzled. Busy. Good busy, but will need a stiff drink soon. Also, massive allergies. The can’t stop sneezing, can’t breathe, can’t smell anything kind.

Knitting has been going at a glacial pace, but hey, I finally (!) finished Rusted Root. I am extremely happy about this, especially given the fits this project gave me (most of it my own damned fault). Also, it fits! Pretty well, in fact. I wore it to work the other day and someone asked me where I had bought it – which I will take as a compliment.

Pattern: Rusted Root from Zephyrstyle. Size XS
Yarn: Debbie Bliss cotton DK, #13012, every last bit of 7 balls. Bought on sale from the LYS. Size 5 Denise interchangables for the body, size 4 DPNS for the ribbing.

I know I’m pretty late to the Zephyrstyle bandwagon, but this was a pretty enjoyable knit, once I actually got going that is. Lots of stockinette – good for social knitting; interesting assymetrical panel – good for preventing death by stockinette. I actually made quite a few modifications. The major one was substituting the banana cable panel from Starsky in place of the original lace panel because I wanted the option of not having to wear a tank or cami underneath. I also lengthened the body by 3 inches and the sleeves by about an inch because the original cap sleeves ended at the beefiest part of my arms. Ick. I used a k1p1 ribbing for the neck and sleeves and started with the neck ribbing straightaway instead of picking up the neck stitches at the end as specified in the pattern. Lastly I threw in some hip increases because unfortunately I have hips and the Rusted Root model apparently does not.

This was my first top down project. So nice to be able to try it on as you go. I wish that the sleeves were poofier though. I knit the smallest size trying to combat cotton’s tendency to grow with wearing. Though I added some stitches to the shoulder to take into account my not-XS shoulders and arms, I probably should have added more. Also, inspite of the regular try-ons, I ran out of yarn while binding off. Rather than scouting around for another ball of yarn, I decided to bind off with some light gray leftover DB cashmerino I had. Design element, ta daa! Blends in pretty well actually.

The other highlight of the week was that I finally got my invite to Ravelry! It is all I can do to tear myself away from that site and get actual work done. I’ve had to impose a temporary embargo on Ravelry posting, lurking, wandering, clicking. At least until I make a bit more headway on the little mountain of work I have to get done before Fall break.

Fall break…mmmm…….