And alpacas and llamas too! The awesome folks at my LYS organized a trip to the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts and Crafts Festival. So much fun! I had a grand ‘ol time carpooling with Chris, Shirani, and Maria. The festival was held at the Hemlock fairgrounds, a short two hour drive from here. Being a fiber festival virgin, I didn’t quite know what to expect.

But lo! There was plenty of adorable sheep, llamas, and alpacas to pet. Though this one looked a bit disgruntled 🙂


There was knitting on the World’s Largest Sock. The sock is traveling the world and was started in the UK. It’s about 7 meters in circumference, has 1500 cast-on stitches, and there’s 10 long circular needles around it. I wonder what will happen when it’s time to turn the heel.


There was fiber galore in all shapes and forms to ooh and ahh over. I loved how there were all these smallish independent farmers, weavers, spinners, and dyers showing off their wares. I had no idea there was such beautiful work out there! There were spoils from the festival too, of course. My resolve to keep an iron fist on my wallet wasn’t that strong! The bright blue yarn is Spinning Bunny Yarn in Tropical Sea, meant to be a hat. The variegated autumn-y pile on the right is Steam Valley Mohair/Merino wool yarn, earmarked for a wrap of some kind. The red yarn is Persimmon Tree Farm Potluck yarn, maybe for a pair of fingerless gloves? The wooden dowel sticking out of the Potluck yarn is supposed to be a spare part for a loom. I found it sitting forlornly in a bin for a buck fiddy and thought that it might make a good ball winder. It works great, and the price can’t be beat.


There were plenty of laughs, stories, and frozen margaritas. Everyone had such a good time at this fiber fest that there are rumblings about taking a road trip to Maryland next year. I can only hope.

More pictures here.