1. Sound made by head as it hits pillow from sheer exhaustion.

The past weekend was spent here –

Every year, my department participates in a few community projects. This semester’s first foray happened to be to a Habitat to Humanity work site. So a bunch of my students and co-workers hied off to be pseudo-tradespeople for a day. There was lots of hammering, clambering on top of rickety ladders, and hauling stuff. Power tools were used! Various appendages were banged up! Curse words were uttered! It was fun, but hard work. At the beginning of the work day, the house didn’t have any windows or doors cut out yet, nor did it have outside insulation put up. It was nice to see the house actually look like one at the end of the day. I think I’m gonna hang on to my day job for now though. At least until I can climb up a ladder without feeling butterflies in my stomach.

2. Sound idiot vandal’s foot makes as it comes into contact with my car roof.

Or at least that’s what the nice police officer told me happened today. I usually park on the street in front of my apartment building, along with many other tenants. Even though there’s fairly heavy car and pedestrian traffic, we’ve never had any problems with vandals before. At least until today. Apparently sometime this afternoon, some idiot decided to jump on the hood of my car, climb up on the roof, and then jump onto the next car on the street. I got a phone call from the police (which about gave me a heart attack) telling me I had a nice dent on my car.

This is what I came home to today.


My poor car. It’s maybe a couple of inches deep, you could actually see his shoe print on the hood and roof of the car. Sigh. I guess it could be worse. The car parked behind me had a huge dent on the hood and a cracked windshield. So annoying though.

3. Sound made by head as it hits wall.

I started Rusted Root last week. I had the perfect amount of Debbie Bliss cotton DK in the stash, bought on sale from the LYS. Except. Rusted Root didn’t seem to want to get started. I had to rip and re-start 5 times! So far. Curse words in different languages were uttered. With feeling.

I’d substituted the lace panel for the lace panel from Knitty’s Starsky because I wanted to be able to wear Rusted Root without worrying about a cami or shirt underneath. But Starsky is knitted flat and bottom up, and Rusted Root is knitted in the round and top down. Which is where my problems started. First, I forgot about the top down vs. bottom up, so the panel came out upside down. Rip. Then I forgot about the knitting in the round part, and knit a right side and wrong side. Rip. Then… you get the idea. Fifth time’s the charm, I hope. My head’s becoming sore from all the banging on the wall.