I have an oddly sized bathroom in my apartment. It’s actually pretty large, but configured such that my current bath mat didn’t quite take care of the post-shower foot puddles. Enter a selection of the most obnoxious colors I could find at Michael’s along with some stripey goodness, and voila –


Pattern: stripey bath mat
Yarn: Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in hot pink, lime green, grape and robins egg blue, 2 balls each. Size 10.5 Denise interchangeables.

I CO 120 stitches with the yarn held double, and seed stitched until my eyes crossed, changing colors pretty much randomly. Almost all the yarn was used up, save for several yards of the blue, which then became a small dish cloth. I don’t have a lot of experience knitting with cotton, but now I understand when other knitters comment how hard it is on the hands when knitting with cotton. There’s just not the yarn sproinginess (is that a word?) that I’ve come to associate with knitting with wool or wool blends. It got harder toward the end of the project, because cotton + death grip that I have on yarn when knitting = not a good time. The colors are quite eye-searing, and the mat doesn’t really match anything else in the bathroom, but I don’t really care. I mean, none of my other stuff match, why should I start now, right? All those ends to weave in though…

the ends

Knitting this bath mat was actually rather cathartic. There have been a few family crises that came up recently, and much time has been spent sitting by the phone waiting for news. The monotony of seed stitch was just the ticket.

On another note, here’s a question for y’all – anyone know if a felted wool carries static electricity build-up? I was thinking about making a felted sleeve for my laptop but would prefer not to fry my laptop while it’s snuggled in its nice sleeve.