Part 2

Having pretty much flown straight on to Halifax after the Seattle festivities for legal hijinks courtesy of the good people at the Immigration Bureau (more on that later), I was really cranky and pooped (and very relieved) by the time I got home yesterday. BUT. Look what I came home to –


All for me! Me! Me!

Squishy and green!

Fits perfectly!

My sockapalooza socks arrived while I was out of the country. Whoo! Thanks Serena! I luf them! The green is right up my alley, the yarn is squishy soft. AND. They fit perfectly! She also sent me my own emergency knitting kit with supplies for a Gryffindor bookscarf (my favorite house). I’ve been meaning to give that pattern a whirl, so now I can! I’ll have something to occupy my time if (you know it’s bound to happen) I get stuck in the pink elevator of doom at work 🙂 She also made me some pretty stitch markers! My first set of stitch markers that aren’t paper clips or rubber bands. I could get used to this.

While on the subject of sockapalooza socks, Sam (sadly blogless), my sock recipient from across the pond, sent me this picture of her wearing the socks I sent her. I’m so glad you liked them, Sam!

sam’s socks

Thanks Alison for organizing the mother of all sock swaps!