All you need for maximum enjoyment of the last (!) Harry Potter book.

last book

The book (check), sock knitting optional – the Harry Potter party at the local bookstore was pretty cool. And crowded. Lots of people dressed up, and I mean, all out dressed up. There was one lady who was Voldemort, complete with huge snake and latex-ed noseless face.

HP socks

HP-themed socks (check) – the better to keep your toe-sies warm and cozy as you lounge around reading.
Pattern: oak-ribbed socks from Knitting Vintage Socks
Yarn: hand-dyed yarn in Gryffindor colors from lady at local craft market, about 350 yds. Size 1 DPNs.

This was a pretty straightforward knit, worked over 77 stitches, with a French heel and round toe. The yarn was sproingy and nice to knit with. I wish the burgundy Gryffindor colors were a little more vibrant though.


something to hug for the sad parts (check) – you know there’s bound to be some. Also to laugh with for the funny parts.
Pattern: Bobbi Bear from Blue Sky Alpacas
Yarn: mystery orange yarn from the stash, 2 balls. I lost the ball bands, but it feels like a cotton/ acrylic blend. Size 10.5 DPNs.

This was so fun to knit! I used the pattern for Baby Bobbi Bear, but since I held the yarn doubled and used larger needles, Bobbi’s finished size was about 17 in. or so. I sort of “overstuffed” him to get a bigger butt, and I skipped the duplicate stitching around his neck. Instead, I just ran some of the yarn around his neck and tightened it to make his neck more pronounced, then I covered it by tying a ribbon ’round his neck. The arms and legs came out a little pointy, but the overstuffing seems to have helped with this quite a bit. I had to re-do the eye embroidery a couple of times because I couldn’t get the eyes to match. Like one eye would be much higher than the other, or much smaller than the other. Bobbi right now is actually in some guy’s place in the SF Bay Area keeping him company.

Knitting time has been severely curtailed while I finish reading the book. Hmm…so has a lot of other activities come to think of it.