The summer of travel continues, the latest stops being Washington DC, Dallas and Philly. This leg was relatively free of out-of-town travel oh-crap moments, with one exception (see below). I like traveling. There’s so much of the country I have yet to see. The downside of so much travel though is that I am butt sore from waiting at airports. Waiting for hotels to find my reservation. Waiting for crew members to show up so someone can fly the damned plane. I also worry about the carbon footprint I am leaving, but that is another post for another time. I am glad though, to be home for a little spell before the next fly-around starts.

Requisite out of town travel mishap. A couple of days into my trip, my stupid wisdom tooth (yes, I still have all of mine) got mad at me. So mad that it made my face swell up. It made me look positively chipmunk-esque. Lovely, no? It’s much better now, but oral surgery may be in my future.


Requisite out of town yarn-y purchase. Lorna’s Laces in the Knit Happens colorway. From Knit Happens, of course. Such an adorable, cute yarn store! Lots of squishy, lovely, fondle-worthy yarn. I wasn’t planning on adding to the stash, I swear, but came upon Knit Happens while I was wandering in Alexandria, VA. The yarn just jumped into my arms. Meant to be. Yep, meant to be.

meant to be

Requisite out of town visit to Chinatown. This time in Washington DC. I always try to visit the Chinatown of whatever city I’m in. Mostly because the hinterlands of Western PA does not have one, and I miss the bustle and the energy of being around, ahem, my people. Not to mention the food! Anyway, the Chinatown in DC was a bit of a disappointment. It’s fairly new, and shows the effects of gentrification. To me, it didn’t feel as authentic. Like it catered mainly to tourists. For instance, while there were a number of good, hole-in-the-wall type eating places (the noodles I had in one of those establishments was super yummy!), there were an equal number of Western chain restaurants (TGIF, Fuddruckers, Hooters) with Chinese signs on them that were sometimes unintentionally funny. Like the rather high end tapas bar whose Chinese signage translates to “Spanish.” Brevity is the soul of wit?


Requisite progress photo of Sockapalooza sock. This is sock #2. Plenty of time to beat the Aug. 4 deadline. HOWEVER. I might have to start knitting a sock #3. Because sock #1? Can’t find the damned sock. Have no idea where it is. I should have enough yarn to knit a sock #3 if I need to, but the thought of knitting another sock is making me twitchy.

sock 2