Back from Las Vegas. Very interesting trip – the work part went pretty well, the visiting of the family part had its, ummm, moments. The moments included a mad dash to the emergency room at 6 freaking a.m. (don’t worry, the person involved came out of the crisis OK), the breaking up of a rip-roaring fight that resulted in a heavily bruised finger (mine – but is all better now), and conversational nuggets such as this – Chinese in italics:

Me: So I see you have a handicap parking tag.

Flesh and blood (FAB): Yes. I got it a few weeks ago.

Me: Why do you have one? No one here is handicapped.

FAB: Have you seen how hard it is to park around here?

Me: <blink, blink>

FAB: I was at the mall a few weeks ago and one of the cars had the tag outside the car, almost completely loose. So….(long pause), I ripped it off that car.

Me: You did not!

FAB: Look, it’s good until 2015.

I insisted that he take down the parking tag. And yes, we had the conversation on the illegal use of handicapped parking tags.

Here’s another gem –

Me: You really should think about cutting down on the smoking, you know. It can’t be good for your diabetes. (see above mad dash to emergency room)

FAB: Quit nagging me! Everyone’s already telling me to do that!

Me: So, why don’t you?

FAB: My diabetes has to do with blood. My smoking has nothing to do with blood. Now, if I had lung cancer, then I would consider quitting.

I love my family dearly, but clearly, some of them are crazy nutjobs.

There has been knitting too, but progress pictures will have to wait until I find the camera USB cord.