I’m usually a one-project-at-a-time kind of gal, but there must be something in the water, because I think I’ve contracted startitis.   A mild form maybe, but I’m not used to startitis symptoms. 

Before I start rambling about the half-finished projects I have going on right now though, an Eff Oh! 

clap clap clapA finished case of the clap!  

Pattern:  the super duper ubiquitous Clapotis from knitty
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock in Blues and Purples, about 1 2/3 skeins.  Size 6 Denise interchangeables. 

The finished measurements are about 18  x 70 in.   I made 18 repeats of the straight row section.  There was some anxiety during blocking that I may have made it way too long, but it turned out great.  I love it!  The Cherry Tree Hill yarn was really soft and nice to work with.   Also, a lot of yardage in one skein. 

I know everyone and their mother (and grandmother) has probably made one of these, and I have to admit I resisted jumping on the bandwagon for the longest time.  But!  Such a clever pattern.  And a really good project for social knitting.   

The  color of the yarn is more jewel-toned than what the picture above shows.   More like this –

clap clap

Knitting continues on the brightly hued socks.  Almost time to tackle those uncooperative short row heels again.  I’m really liking the colors! 

phoenix socks

There’s also a scarf in the works for a co-worker who’s retiring in a few weeks.  The scarf is Pink, not normally a color I keep in the stash (the stashette, I mean), but which I mysteriously have.  Works out well though since co-worker’s an avid fan of all things pink.  The diagonal rib pattern keeps it from being the scarf of boredom.   


On to the sockapalooza 4 socks.   Which I technically haven’t started yet, but will soon.  Really.  My sockpal seems to be pretty laid back (the best kind of sock pal!).  All she’s requested is that the socks be purple.   Right up my alley, as I seem to be on a purple knitting frenzy lately.  🙂   

Well, I happen to have an extra skein of the Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Blues and Purples!  The other yarn I have been considering is this scrumptious Sundara sock yarn in Viola (scroll down to the solids section). 

What to knit though?  Some of the patterns I’m considering are – 

Oh the choices!