Hi!  Still here.

Just got back from San Francisco, partly for work and partly for Kato Sensei’s aikido seminar at Suginami SF.  The man continues to astound – he seems ageless and always moves with such efficiency. No wasted movement.   Training was at a pretty high level because there were lots of high-level aikidoka at the seminar.  I had so much fun!  I ended up with several nasty bruises and a nicely swollen knee, but hey, no worries! 

I got to spend some time with Okie.  Here we are basking in our combined dorkiness –

artoo okee

artoo jet  

At some point, while driving in the Berkeley area, we chanced upon this sight.  An enormous redwood tree growing out of someone’s front yard.  Actually, the tree WAS the front yard.  Pretty frigging awesome.  

front yard


The only blight to this otherwise great trip was a little incident where I managed to get mugged while wandering home one night.  I’m usually pretty aware of my surroundings, but this time, I wasn’t paying attention.  Before I knew it, three people had surrounded me and were demanding valuables.  There was a knife.  I didn’t have valuables on me, save for some cash, so I gave them that. 

I’m OK, just upset and mad about it.  I’m really thankful that nothing worse happened.    Another misadventure to file under my “Black Cloud of Travel” archives.  Heh.   

ANYWAY,  knitting content next time!  Stash enhancement, FO’s and Sockapalooza 4 ideas…