elevator of doom

This is the elevator that brings me to my work-cave everyday.  Observe its quiet demeanor, its dainty pinky exterior.  Well!  Looks can be quite deceiving, because since the beginning of the year, I have been stuck inside this blasted elevator 4 or 5 times already!

Yes, I guess I could just take the stairs everyday.  And I usually do – if I remember how finicky the elevator can be.  Problem is, it’s a pretty long haul up the stairs to our department, and the elevator sits in such a convenient spot, that I’m more likely to forget its faults.   So I get lulled into a false sense of complacency.   I stride towards the elevator, press the button, the door shuts…then BOOM!  The blasted thing shudders to a halt. 

Pressing all the buttons does nothing.  Jumping inside the elevator to make it go doesn’t work either.  Nor does cussing and swearing at the darned thing.  The, ahem, “interruptions in service” don’t usually last long, about half an hour, but half an hour inside a stuck elevator sure feels like an eternity. 

The people on our floor talk about bringing a book to read when you use the elevator.  I think they’re only half joking. 


In other news,  my case of the clap is growing.   Yes, I am nine. 

growing clap

I’m done with the straight rows section and just started the decrease section.  Such a clever pattern (as everyone else already knows by now).  I’m also loving the yummy purple yarn goodness.  The plain ol’ stockinette was getting a bit boring though, so I started this –


not just any sock, but a toe-up sock!  Yes, I know there’s probably going to be more stockinette involved, but hey, the novelty of the toe-up sock hasn’t worn off on me yet.  

The Sockapalooza socks haven’t been started yet.   Yarn and pattern marinating underway.  Besides, we have until August, right? 

Famous last words.