Just got back from Houston.  Technically, I was there for a seminar, but really…!

Amy graciously let me crash at her place.  Yay!  Serious fun.  So glad I got to hang out with her, Kelly, Susan, Liz (sadly, blogless), Lisa, Mo (however briefly) and the rest of my H-town peeps.   I miss you guys! 

good times

There was knitting.  Three guess what this project is.  Apparently, I can only jump on a bandwagon after the wagon has left the country.   

clap clap clap

There was lovely berfday yarn from Amy! 

berfday yarn

There was serious eating and an attempt to bring back the contents of Chinatown.  Trust me, my sanity (and tastebuds) needed it. 



for my sanity

I even managed to talk Lisa’s dad into freezing some of his awesome dimsum for me to take back home! 

There was a near disaster regarding said dimsum.  My black cloud travel misadventures continue.    This time around – flight from Houston to Cleveland?  Swell!  Had a whole row of seats to myself on the plane.  Was able to stretch out and take a nap.  Should have made me suspicious… 

Because, flight from Cleveland to Erie?  Cancelled.  Stranded in Cleveland overnight because of a thunderstorm.  In the meantime, my bags (with my precious frozen dimsum) were somewhere in the great baggage purgatory.  I spent an anxious night hoping that they tossed my bags in a cold, cold warehouse so the food would keep.  Next morning, I managed to get on the first flight from Cleveland to Erie.  My bags, however, were nowhere in sight.  I started picturing my precious dimsum slowly rotting away.  

The airline finally managed to get my bags in a few hours later.  I rushed to the airport to pick them up, drove home, gave the food the sniff test and shoved them in the fridge, fingers crossed. 

Well, I heated up the dimsum last night and inhaled them.  I did not die.  I am still in possession of all my faculties (as far as I know), so is all good 🙂