May 2007

Repeat after me –

I can’t always run the show.

It’s not always about me.

knit knit knit

There’s been a pretty significant amount of angst-driven knitting going on.  Because it is better to sit tight and knit than to be a crankybutt.  First sock done, on to sock two.  My, that is one brightly-hued sock!  Short row heels are still the boss of me.   But not for much longer, I hope. 


elevator of doom

This is the elevator that brings me to my work-cave everyday.  Observe its quiet demeanor, its dainty pinky exterior.  Well!  Looks can be quite deceiving, because since the beginning of the year, I have been stuck inside this blasted elevator 4 or 5 times already!


Here’s why no work gets done around here –

use the postal service, Luke!

Brought to you by the good folks at the US Postal Service.  So you can always have your favorite droid at your side. 

Another reason why no work has gotten done is that I’ve been surfing yarn stores online.  I’ve signed up for Sockapalooza4!  A good excuse as any to go yarn shopping.  The choices, the choices!  Should be fun. 

Just got back from Houston.  Technically, I was there for a seminar, but really…!

Amy graciously let me crash at her place.  Yay!  Serious fun.  So glad I got to hang out with her, Kelly, Susan, Liz (sadly, blogless), Lisa, Mo (however briefly) and the rest of my H-town peeps.   I miss you guys! 

good times