Mmmmmm….pink frosting…

Happy berfday to me!  Another year older, not necessarily wiser though.   The cute piggy cupcake came from Wegman’s, which I thought a bit appropriate, since it felt like I spent a good chunk of the day eating.  Blame the weather. 

A couple of things that occurred in time to mark said birthday –

car too!
I am gray, like the weather!

I bought a car! 

I ended up getting the Subaru station wagon.  Both cars that made it to my car buying short list  were good recommended cars.  What made me eventually decide to get the Subie was the never-ending snow here with resulting terrible driving conditions (the Subie has all wheel drive), along with a good deal from the dealer (thank you grandma for teaching me to never turn down an opportunity to haggle!).  This is my first car ever!   On some level, I feel like I’ve sold out to the bourgeousie by owning a car.  🙂

 I am black, like the ice on the road!

Sesame is done!

I love it!  It fits beautifully.  The maths actually worked.  I think the big wooden buttons adds quite a bit of the cute to the cardigan.  I wore it to work the other day and a co-worker who knew I knit it commented that she thought “it looked store-brought,” which I will take as a compliment. 🙂  

sesame side 
This color is a lot more accurate.

Pattern:  Sesame from Magknits, Aug. 2005
Yarn:  Rowanspun Chunky in Excalibur (black), about 6 2/3 skeins.  The yarn came from the Great Houston Yarn Swap of 2006.  Size 7 Denise interchangeables. 

I made the size 34″ but lengthened the body by about 1.5 inches.  I also shortened the collar a bit and used 5 buttons instead of 6.  Because the yarn was pretty chunky, I used leftover Louet Gems opal sock yarn to seam up the pieces.  I’m pretty pleased with the seaming job – a good thing since the seaming yarn happened to be bright purple.   

another one 
I ain’t got no problem.

The sleeves turned out a tad too long after blocking, but that’s OK by me.   The cardigan’s also still a bit itchy, even after washing, but that’s OK too.  I just wear a shirt underneath it.  I must admit that I kind of surprised myself on this one.  Because of the maths I had to do to account for the yarn substitution (the original pattern called for DK yarn), I was half expecting this cardigan to fit strangely.   Maybe swatching does have its merits after all.  Heh.