April 2007

It finally broke 50 degrees here!  The hint of sunshine and warmth made me downright giddy.   So yesterday I wandered down to the beach*, just in time to catch this –



Ain’t it purty?  Sitting on the sand, knitting away on my current project (more on that later) while people watching.  Ahhh…….


* no bathing suits were worn while at said beach.  Fleece was the costume of choice.  Because while the weather was nice, the water was cold, even the sand was cold.  Also, as soon as the sun set, it became probably 20 degrees colder.   


Mmmmmm….pink frosting…

Happy berfday to me!  Another year older, not necessarily wiser though.   The cute piggy cupcake came from Wegman’s, which I thought a bit appropriate, since it felt like I spent a good chunk of the day eating.  Blame the weather. 

A couple of things that occurred in time to mark said birthday – (more…)

Desperately seeking spring.   It snowed yesterday, it will snow again through the weekend.  Easter this year was colder than Christmas.  We are well into April.  So wrong! 

Spring, where are you?

Even Smokey the Bear looked miserable

Desperately seeking maple cotton candy.  Last week was the maple festival here.  Which is where I met Smokey, the miserable bear with the ill-fitting jeans.  There was plenty of maple syrup, maple candy, maple popcorn, and OMG – maple cotton candy.  So delicious!  Just the thought of it is making my mouth water right now.  ‘Course, all that sugar also gave me sugar-induced giddiness like you wouldn’t believe 🙂

Desperately seeking free time.  I’m buried in work right now, trying to finish up several lectures for next week.  Because I procrastinate like a champ!  Said procrastination is also the reason why I spent the better part of yesterday scratching my head and going “Wha?  Subtract the total of what line from the sum of the what line?”

Uncle Sam ALWAYS gets his due.  Sigh.

Desperately seeking buttons.  Sesame is almost done.  Whoo!  I picked up stitches for the button band and collar last week and finished them yesterday.   Now waiting for the buttons I ordered from M & J Trimming to come.  I hope I didn’t make the buttonholes too big. 

Always keep a spoon handy!

She’s a bit itchy right now, but nothing that a shirt or a wash won’t fix.  The best thing so far, is that she fits!  I almost can’t believe it.  The maths – she may have actually worked!  Maybe I should wait until I sew on the buttons before I prance around and declare victory. 

In which my snarky comeback-o-meter utterly fails me.  In three acts.

I.  At the driver’s license office:

Good ol’boy driver’s license official looking person (GOB) – speaking extremely slowly, like I have a hearing problem – Do you speak English?

Me:  Yes.  (Huh?)

GOB:  Are you a citizen of the United States? 

Me:  No.  (I’ve never been asked this before at a driver’s license place. Uh-oh, this could get interesting)

GOB:  Why do you need a driver’s license?

Me:  My old one’s  about to expire, and since I live in PA now, I figured I should get a PA driver’s license. 

GOB:  Well, you need (proceeds to name a bajillion documents to prove my lawful existence on Earth).

Me:  Here.  (Thank you internet! I’m not going to schlep all the way out here again because you need a copy of my I-94 or some such nonsense)

GOB: I see you moved from Texas.  I have to tell you that we turn down applications of a lot of people from Texas because we here, we follow the rules! 

Me:  <blink, blink>  (Bite your tongue, Jet.  You need your driver’s license.  You don’t want to schlep all the way out here again because of the snark)

GOB:  Those people just give out driver’s licenses to whoever wants one.  No matter that they don’t have any documentation.  They just let anyone into that state!   Steal all the jobs.  Don’t even know how to drive well.   All the driver’s license offices are supposed to be following the same rules, but I guess they don’t do that in Texas. 

Me:  Uhhmmm…I don’t think that’s a fair assumption.  (What a jerk.  Bite your tongue.  Now!  He’s handing you the form.  Suppress the snarky comeback) (more…)