Thank you very much for commiserating with me about the bum elbow.  It’s a lot better now, still sore but functional for the most part.

As part of my quest to live a more American lifestyle (ahem!), last weekend was spent dealing in things transportation-related, namely, test-driving a bunch of cars.   I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably need a car to get around here, as the public transportation system is a bit limited.  More importantly, the LYS is too far to walk. 

There’s something slightly intimidating (to me anyway) about going to car dealerships and talking to pushy car salespeople about the merits of this and that car, fuel efficiency, trimlines, warranties and sticker price haggling and all that.    I think I’ve managed to narrow my choices down to these two –


Subaru Impreza Wagon
Pros:  drives nicely, feels very solid, has all wheel drive which would be helpful with all the snow here
Cons:  much more expensive, fuel economy not that good, looks blah, and the salesperson was really pushy


Honda Fit
Pros:  fun to drive (but doesn’t feel quite as solid as the Subie), great fuel economy, easy to park, ingenious seating configuration, cheaper, looks cute
Cons: lack of power, road noise, not sure how it’ll handle in the snow and ice, hasn’t been on the market long

Any insights?

On the knitting front, progress continues on Sesame.  I’ve finished the back and two fronts, and am working on the sleeves.  You’ll have to take my word for it.  Pictures were taken but they looked like crap – photographing black is hard!   I did manage to finish this though, just in time to catch the last bit of cold weather.  Wait, who am I kidding!? Rumor has it that it sometimes still snows here in April.  Sigh. 


Pattern:  Obnoxious Orange Scarf.  CO 152 st. and knit 12 rows. 
Yarn: Rune in orange,  every last bit of 2 skeins, size 15 straights

The finished scarf measures about 6″ x 72″ with the fringe.  I originally was not going to put fringe on it, but there was a bit of yarn leftover, and I wanted to use up every last bit of it.  The fringe looks a bit skimpy, but I like it.  It’s very bright.  Maximum pedestrian visibility!

The Mouse thinks it’s too long.