Stash enhancement!  Courtesy of a trip to Artfibers in San Francisco.  Shelves and shelves of delicious yarn.  The yarns here are different from other stores because they design their own.  Much fondling, sighing and just general Carrying On occurred in the store.  It was hard, but I did manage to keep my purchases to this –


Rune, a thick-thin superfine alpaca and naturesoft yarn blend.  In obnoxiously bright orange.  Destined to be a scarf for moi.

One of the more fun things (and there’s not a lot) about living in a place with such cold winters is that I’ve been able to wear a lot of handknits – hats, in particular.  Here are the ones that have been getting a lot of wear lately.  


This one was finished pre-blog.  I think it was my third knitting project ever.  Tasseled hat from Hip to Knit.  Chunky yarn from GGH.  I forget the name.  Orange for maximum visibility.   Yes, my love for orange knows no bounds. 


My version of the Jayne Cobb hat from the brilliant but cancelled Firefly.  Two strands of Lamb’s Pride in Lemondrop, Orange You Glad, and Rust.  I love wearing this hat – it keeps your ears warm, plus encourages geeks and browncoats to come out of the woodwork.  


The “I am trying to be an adult, please take me seriously” hat.  For when I have to meet with people and tasseled or sci-fi inspired hats won’t do.  Malabrigo yarn (Cinnabar) that I got during my recent trip to Boston.  2×2 rib over 84 stitches, with my usual haphazard decreases at the crown.  I had to see what all the fuss was about.  The internets did not lie.  My God, so soft, so sproingy!  I want more!


And finally, my latest favorite.  A super nice and soft hat made out of Noro (Noro!) that Mo so kindly sent me.   The picture does not do the hat justice.  That is why the Eye is not happy.