March 2007

Thank you very much for commiserating with me about the bum elbow.  It’s a lot better now, still sore but functional for the most part.

As part of my quest to live a more American lifestyle (ahem!), last weekend was spent dealing in things transportation-related, namely, test-driving a bunch of cars.   I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll probably need a car to get around here, as the public transportation system is a bit limited.  More importantly, the LYS is too far to walk. 

There’s something slightly intimidating (to me anyway) about going to car dealerships and talking to pushy car salespeople about the merits of this and that car, fuel efficiency, trimlines, warranties and sticker price haggling and all that.    I think I’ve managed to narrow my choices down to these two – (more…)




That would be me a couple of days ago after my elbow (and butt) connected with the slushy, slippery sidewalks of Erie.   Melting snow + overnight super cold spell = sidewalks of death.   Don’t worry – the snazzy splint I’m wearing was just a precaution until people smarter than I figured out that my elbow wasn’t broken.  Which it isn’t.  Hallelujah!   So the elbow is still v.v. sore, but at least the splint is off, and the elbow isn’t broken. 

That aforementioned appointment with the sidewalk of death was sort of the culmination of a very cursed couple of weeks which featured, among others,  the fiery death of a treasured external hard drive (along with bunches of lectures that I had to recreate), the disappearance of my entire calendar from my PDA, my favorite necklace falling down the drain, and no water in my apartment for 2 days because the city saw fit to repair the sewer pipes running right in front of our apartment complex.  

Somewhere, there is a voodoo doll with my name on it. 


On to happier things.   I got started on a new project –


This is part of the back of Sesame.  Rowanspun Chunky in a tweedy black from the Great Yarn Swap of 2006.  I actually only got about 4 skeins from the swap, but when we were in Austin for our brush-with-greatness with the Yarn Harlot, I discovered another 4 skeins in the clearance bin of HCW.  Same dyelot.  I took that as a sign that I should give those skeins a good home.    I decided I needed a knock-around cardigan in black?  Because one can never have too many cardis in black.

The pattern uses DK weight yarn and the yarn I’m using is not.  So there was swatching (Gasp!), there was maths, there was head-scratching.  The maths may or may not work.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  In the meantime though, I’m enjoying knitting with this yarn.  I’m liking the tweedy specks.  The pattern’s been pretty straightforward so far.  Perfect for vegging out in front of the TV after a busy day at work.     

Stash enhancement!  Courtesy of a trip to Artfibers in San Francisco.  Shelves and shelves of delicious yarn.  The yarns here are different from other stores because they design their own.  Much fondling, sighing and just general Carrying On occurred in the store.  It was hard, but I did manage to keep my purchases to this –


Rune, a thick-thin superfine alpaca and naturesoft yarn blend.  In obnoxiously bright orange.  Destined to be a scarf for moi. (more…)

In an effort to outrun the cold, gloomy weather in these parts, I spent last week in San Francisco.   Turned out to be a pretty awesome trip. 

Thumbs up!

  • almost daily aikido classes – oh, aikido, how I’ve missed thee!  The Bay Area has one of the most, if not the most, active aikido communities, so it was really great to be able to take some classes with masterful senseis and practice with generous, kick-ass aikidoka.  Hopefully, I can make it out there again soon because Kato Sensei will be coming back to give some classes in a few months.
  • yummy, yummy food – I think I ate in Chinatown almost every opprtunity I had, much to my cousin’s chagrin.   I also toted a large boxful of Chinese groceries home 🙂   Don’t laugh.  I did it for my sanity.   Mmmmm…I still think of those noodles and egg tarts.   
  • chinatown

  • family gossip and amusement – I stayed with my cousin.  We weren’t really that close growing up, so it was nice to discover how much we had in common and how much we could talk about now that we’re older.  He has also, I discovered, proudly carried on the family packrat tendencies.  Observe his bathroom cabinets –
  • packrat

    Enough toiletries, samples and freebies to give away to a small army.  A lifetime supply of those little little bottles of smelly stuff that you get in hotels.  Disposable shower caps, eye masks, toothbrushes everywhere.  My cousin’s very well-traveled, but he admits he can’t resist the siren song of those little bottles.  My grandmother, who owned an entire dinner service for 8 courtesy of Japan Airlines (when the airlines still used real silverware), would be proud. 

  • cutest dog ever – Beanie is as lazy as Jean Paul Sartre’s eye, but so cute! 
  • beanie

  • hanging out with Okee – who always makes me laugh, but who can’t stop being a backseat driver long enough for me to drive his nice, shiny Prius 🙂   
  • There was knitting!  And yarn-y purchases!  Stay tuned.
  • haring