I was all set to write about how I ran away to New York City this past weekend, complete with pretty pictures and snappy commentary.  I was going to tell you about how I almost ended up onstage as a speller in a spelling bee.  I was also going to show you knitting progress – calf shaping, I lurve you. 

However.  That will all have to wait.   Because that little thing that most everyone fears has just happened to me.

My computer is in a coma.  I was checking email when the screen froze.  The hourglass of boredom, the one that appears when your PC is thinking about following a command, stopped twirling.  The programs stopped responding.  Dumbledore, my beloved middle-aged PC, had slipped into catatonia. 

I was oddly calm.  At first.   Later, Words were said.  This is why you name your computers, so you can rail and rant at it when things go wrong.   I guess that’s the thing with us pessimistic fools.  We expect the worst and when they come to pass – we were right all along!  What does not kill us, etc. 

Also, most of my files are backed up.  Still, most of my files is not all of my files.  I have lots of pictures on there.  Music.  Sigh. 

I’ve tried all the obvious solutions.  Dumbledore’s still unconscious.  I’ll be consulting my computer guru soon.   I hope he (Dumbledore, not my computer guru) can still be resuscitated. 

I afraid.