February 2007

3 – days spent in Boston attending conference.  Great travel debacle of 2007 nothwithstanding.

6 – hours spent waiting for delayed flight to take off from Erie before flight was finally cancelled because of icky snowstorm (ahhh…what else is new?).

10 – minutes to get from one end of the Detroit airport to the other in an attempt to fly standby to Boston because icky snowstorm made you miss connecting flight.  

absolute joy – feeling when nice ticket counter lady tells you that there is one seat left on flight to Boston and you, you lucky person you, can have it. 

stupendous – amount of food consumed during Chinese New Year dinner with Mike’s family.  His mom is an awesome chef! 

30 – minutes spent sitting in airplane on runway with engine running because – and this is an excuse I hadn’t heard before – the plane had to much fuel and the some fuel had to be used up before the plane could take off for Erie.

black cloud – my new nickname at work because of all the travel misfortunes (and other things) I seem to have no trouble attracting.

4 – times I’ve fallen on my ass because of ice, slush, snow, absence of coordination, general klutziness, etc.  (see black cloud)  Here’s my temporary solution –

snow tires

                                                     snow tires for your shoes2 – weeks spent knitting this –




Pattern: Conwy socks from Nancy Bush’  Knitting on the Road
Yarn: Louet Gems Opal Crabapple Blossom, 2 1/2 50 g. skeins, size 2 DPNS 

This was an enjoyable project to knit.  Calf shaping is the shiznit!  Also, interesting stitch pattern on the leg.  Easy to memorize but not too boring.  For this project, I used the chart instead of the line-by-line instructions that I usually use.  I loved the yarn!  So soft with vibrant colors, shows off the stitch pattern very well.  I finished these just in time to wear in Boston, where they did a fine job keeping my feet warm. 

heat wave – what the good people of Erie are calling the temperatures this week, when it finally hit the 30’s. 

heat wave


Lupercalia – a perfectly good ancient Roman holiday ruined by Christianity and Hallmark.   To mark this day, I spent the better part of the day stranded at the airport, trying to get out of town to get to a conference.  Wistfully staring at the piles of snow and almost zero visibility outdoors as the PA system droned on about flight cancellations and delays.   There will be another trip to the airport tomorrow, bright and early.  I’m going to be super bummed if I don’t make it to this conference 😦

When I moved here at the beginning of the year, everyone kept telling me how mild the winter had been so far.  Ha!  The weather gods certainly set them straight.  I think it’s snowed for more than two weeks straight now. 

In knitting news, I have an Eff Oh!  The Conwy socks from this post is done.  They fit great.  Pictures will have to wait though, because Dumbledore is still in computer purgatory, awaiting new parts. 

I was all set to write about how I ran away to New York City this past weekend, complete with pretty pictures and snappy commentary.  I was going to tell you about how I almost ended up onstage as a speller in a spelling bee.  I was also going to show you knitting progress – calf shaping, I lurve you. 

However.  That will all have to wait.   Because that little thing that most everyone fears has just happened to me.

My computer is in a coma.  I was checking email when the screen froze.  The hourglass of boredom, the one that appears when your PC is thinking about following a command, stopped twirling.  The programs stopped responding.  Dumbledore, my beloved middle-aged PC, had slipped into catatonia. 

I was oddly calm.  At first.   Later, Words were said.  This is why you name your computers, so you can rail and rant at it when things go wrong.   I guess that’s the thing with us pessimistic fools.  We expect the worst and when they come to pass – we were right all along!  What does not kill us, etc. 

Also, most of my files are backed up.  Still, most of my files is not all of my files.  I have lots of pictures on there.  Music.  Sigh. 

I’ve tried all the obvious solutions.  Dumbledore’s still unconscious.  I’ll be consulting my computer guru soon.   I hope he (Dumbledore, not my computer guru) can still be resuscitated. 

I afraid.