Down with walking pneumonia. It has been quite a sniffle-hacking cough-fest the past few days. Damn you cold, rainy gloom. Unfortunately, the work show must go on, so I really haven’t been able to just rest up. Whatever energy I have left has been spent doing this –


so I could turn this –


into this. There’s another one of those on the other side of the TV.


Turns out I can follow instructions (relatively speaking). Whatever didn’t fit together got a good whack and superglue reinforcement.

On another note, remember the not-so-secret purple project? Well, I finally finished them! Here’s a picture from Okee, who’s great to knit for because he makes the appropriate grateful and appreciative noises. And he actually wears/uses the hand-knits!


Pattern: purple-icious Rib and Cable socks by Nancy Bush in IK Fall 2005.
Yarn: Louet Opal in Violet 2453, a vibrant purple, almost exactly 2 balls. Size 2 DPNS.

I cast on 10 more stitches than the pattern called for because, hi! Plus-sized feet. Also continued the rib and cable pattern down the heel. The pattern has a nifty toe treatment which resulted in not-so-pointy toes. Yay! The yarn was really nice to work with, pretty soft and knitted up to a dense fabric. And it’s superwash too.  I’d use this yarn again.  Maybe a sweater?  Hmmm…..