I live in a converted hockey puck factory. It’s actually pretty cool looking, with exposed beams and old creaky floors. Here it is from the outside –


And here it is from the inside. This was taken a couple of days ago, when my stuff hadn’t gotten here yet. Look at all that space!


That side of the room still looks pretty much the same. The other side of the room is now a chaotic sea of boxes, because my stuff finally made it off the moving truck.

The good – most of my worldly possessions (really mainly my computer and books) made it to Erie relatively intact.

The bad and the ugly – ahhh, where do I start? Should I begin with the part where the moving company tried to charge me extra (a lot of extra) during pick-up in Houston because I had 5 more boxes than their inventory list said? Or how about the fact that they dropped off my stuff at 10 freaking 30 at night, in icy, cold rain? Or that I had to threaten to call the cops on them so they would start unloading? You know, because I didn’t want to pony up two hundred extra dollars because of the “long distance from the unloading area to your apartment.” Or the fact that many of my boxes came off the truck looking like this –

crushed crushed too

Serious party-ers, my boxes. Some of my stuff seemed to have been tampered with too, because things that I’m pretty sure I packed together ended up in separate boxes. With strategic holes in them too (the boxes, I mean).

With the unpacking and work starting in earnest (I had my first “what the hell have I gotten myself into” moment today), there has not been a lot of time for knitting. This is the stripey socks progress so far –

sock progress

Pitiful progress huh? At least I have small feet.