Dreary on the outside –

bah humbug

Merry on the inside –



Amy and her fabulous family adopted me for Christmas this year. I had a wonderful time! Lots of good food, good conversation and a riproaring game of Monopoly in which I managed to out-Trump the Donald. I recommend trying your best to get yourself adopted by the Singletons!

There was, of course, quality knitting time with Amy. I managed to finish half a pair of socks and change. Not just any ‘ol pair of socks, but a toe-up sock with short row heels. Behold the wonders of the magic cast-on. Isn’t it purty?

pretty toeup

My first attempt at a short row heel won’t be winning any beauty contests though. Inspite of Amy’s patient instructions and this great tutorial, I still manged to end up with holey heels. Because I. Can’t. Read. My listening comprehension apparently ain’t that hot either. It doesn’t look so bad in the picture below, but you can see the holes on the heel when I try ’em on. I’m chalking this one up to Character Building 🙂

holey heel

There was totally unexpected largesse from wonderful people all around. Among other things – this awesome shirt from Amy (which totally appeals to my warped sense of humor and style) to go with the awesome yarn she dyed herself!

eat choo envious?

Koiguuuuu from Amy’s mama. Can’t stop touching yarn!


A super generous gift card to REI from the people at work. My boss says that she suggested a gift card to a more ummm, upscale, sophisticated place like Ann Taylor and promptly got vetoed by the rest of the department. And I quote, “She (as in me) wouldn’t know what to do if she entered a store like that.” Ahhh… they know me well 🙂

Last, but certainly not the least, from the SnB chicks –

iou card iou

This was totally unexpected. I was very touched. The organized, resourceful folks that they are, they managed to track down a yarn store in Erie for me!

My life is pretty chaotic right now, but I feel so lucky to have such wonderful, rockstar friends!

In other news, the movers are coming later today to take my stuff. I won’t have computer access for a few days. See you when I resurface in the frozen tundra of Erie.