Hi! Still alive. I seem to have temporarily misplaced The Online (tm Staci). Underneath a pile of junk. Or a series of piles of junk. My roommate and I are in serious de-cluttering/purging/throwing away crap mode – she’s moving overseas and I’m moving to the frozen tundra of Pennsylvania (I’m still in a little bit of denial!). There are piles of stuff everywhere in our apartment. At this point, mostly the roommate’s. Because she is more anal, and I am a slacker. Also a procrastinator.

I did take time to go watch the Nutcracker with my friend Katy and her daughter Audrey. It was quite a spectacle. nutcrackerFrom the gorgeous set pieces to the great dancing to Audrey’s fur (fake of course) capelet.  I have never seen so many children dressed in fur and velvet in one room!

Lauren Anderson was the Sugar Plum Fairy for the evening’s performance – turns out that this is her last season with the Houston Ballet, so there was much applause everytime she came out onstage. Later, after the show was over, she came out to greet the kids and sign autographs. Audrey was transfixed.

In other news, the papers-to-grade pile continues to grow.  Lordy.  Fortunately, the end of the semester is in sight, so this pile will be disposed of one way or another.