December 2006

Dreary on the outside –

bah humbug

Merry on the inside –



Amy and her fabulous family adopted me for Christmas this year. I had a wonderful time! Lots of good food, good conversation and a riproaring game of Monopoly in which I managed to out-Trump the Donald. I recommend trying your best to get yourself adopted by the Singletons!

There was, of course, quality knitting time with Amy. I managed to finish half a pair of socks and change. Not just any ‘ol pair of socks, but a toe-up sock with short row heels. Behold the wonders of the magic cast-on. Isn’t it purty?

pretty toeup

My first attempt at a short row heel won’t be winning any beauty contests though. Inspite of Amy’s patient instructions and this great tutorial, I still manged to end up with holey heels. Because I. Can’t. Read. My listening comprehension apparently ain’t that hot either. It doesn’t look so bad in the picture below, but you can see the holes on the heel when I try ’em on. I’m chalking this one up to Character Building 🙂

holey heel

There was totally unexpected largesse from wonderful people all around. Among other things – this awesome shirt from Amy (which totally appeals to my warped sense of humor and style) to go with the awesome yarn she dyed herself!

eat choo envious?

Koiguuuuu from Amy’s mama. Can’t stop touching yarn!


A super generous gift card to REI from the people at work. My boss says that she suggested a gift card to a more ummm, upscale, sophisticated place like Ann Taylor and promptly got vetoed by the rest of the department. And I quote, “She (as in me) wouldn’t know what to do if she entered a store like that.” Ahhh… they know me well 🙂

Last, but certainly not the least, from the SnB chicks –

iou card iou

This was totally unexpected. I was very touched. The organized, resourceful folks that they are, they managed to track down a yarn store in Erie for me!

My life is pretty chaotic right now, but I feel so lucky to have such wonderful, rockstar friends!

In other news, the movers are coming later today to take my stuff. I won’t have computer access for a few days. See you when I resurface in the frozen tundra of Erie.



Incident: Assualt with a bathroom fixture
Reporting Person: Moi
Date of Report: 17 December 2006

At about 1040 hours on 17th December 2006, I entered bathroom to take shower. Said shower was working fine as of yesterday 16th Dec. 2006. As I reached over to turn on shower, shower head suddenly and without provocation came loose and hit me on the side of my head. I then went on a tirade about how shower head was a stupid piece of *expletive deleted*. This went on for several minutes. Tears may have been shed, but there is no evidence at this time. Swelling and tenderness was noted on the right temporal aspect of head, and ice was immediately applied.

ice ice


Cursory inspection of shower head showed break in the material integrity of nozzle attaching shower head to metal plumbing fixture. The shower head is a Teledyne Water Pik with 8 settings. No distinguishing marks. Attached herewith are photographs of the accused assaulter, and his accomplices.



This is a sworn statement.

——————– nothing follows—————————————



Or at least a hundred.


Xiao xiao de Toyota got a bath. This is her from inside the drive-through car wash. She’s going to a new home. Someone actually offered me money for her! Duct tape, missing door handles, busted headlight and wipers notwithstanding. I feel pretty bittersweet about it though. I’ve written about her awesome hoopty-ness in the past, but she really has served me well.

The bathing of the car was a prequel to this –

buy our stuff

Garage sale! My friend/neighbor Keith and I had a garage sale to pare down our belongings. He’s moving to Florida very soon to be with his twue luv. The weekend we had the garage sale was actually pretty cold, but we managed to sell, among other crap things, a couple of electric fans, a TV, an iron, clothes, books, a non-working Dreamboy, an extinct Dreamcast, and a beast of an electric guitar. Anyone in the market for a poker table top?

manos hat 2.0

An Eff-Oh! Manos hat version 2.0! The original one got ganked gifted, fortunately, there was still some yarn leftover. It was close though. There may or may not have been cheering and a sigh of relief when I cast off. Observe all that was left of this yummy yummy yarn (quarter for scale) –

just right

Still basically a made-up pattern. CO 85, k2p3 until it covered my ears, then started decreasing. Because I was worried that there would not be enough yarn, the decreases are somewhat haphazard (big surprise. Heh.), but it fits great!

The Mouse approves. Looks like a beret with the Mouse Ears though.

rasta mickey

The hat’s gonna come in handy because


I am off to Coldington, PA tomorrow to look for a place to live in. Wish me luck. Any weather report with my name on it can’t be that bad though, right?

Hi! Still alive. I seem to have temporarily misplaced The Online (tm Staci). Underneath a pile of junk. Or a series of piles of junk. My roommate and I are in serious de-cluttering/purging/throwing away crap mode – she’s moving overseas and I’m moving to the frozen tundra of Pennsylvania (I’m still in a little bit of denial!). There are piles of stuff everywhere in our apartment. At this point, mostly the roommate’s. Because she is more anal, and I am a slacker. Also a procrastinator.

I did take time to go watch the Nutcracker with my friend Katy and her daughter Audrey. It was quite a spectacle. nutcrackerFrom the gorgeous set pieces to the great dancing to Audrey’s fur (fake of course) capelet.  I have never seen so many children dressed in fur and velvet in one room!

Lauren Anderson was the Sugar Plum Fairy for the evening’s performance – turns out that this is her last season with the Houston Ballet, so there was much applause everytime she came out onstage. Later, after the show was over, she came out to greet the kids and sign autographs. Audrey was transfixed.

In other news, the papers-to-grade pile continues to grow.  Lordy.  Fortunately, the end of the semester is in sight, so this pile will be disposed of one way or another.