Thanksgiving in Detroit was great. There was, in no particular order –

  • consumption of large amounts of yummy turkey, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes drenched in artery-clogging gravy. Yum!
  • good company and conversation. Much laughter and food for thought.
  • fierce Jenga that got up to 34 veering-on-collapse levels (picture ganked from Okee). Observe the ham beside the Jenga tower.


  • freakishly warm weather for November in Detroit. Temperatures in the 60’s!
  • required and much anticipated visit to King’s, four glorious stories of used books, rare books, beautiful books.


    The store front looks old and decrepit, but hey, don’t judge a book by it’s cover, right?

    pretty huh

    Here’s a page from one of the books I got from there (thanks Nana!). Grimm’s Fairy Tales, beautiful and two bucks yo!

  • requisite visit to local yarn store. The store’s not very big, but it had a good selection of floofy and non-floofy yarn. Requisite loot from yarn store –


    a couple of squishy skeins of Cherry Tree Hill supersock yarn in a variegated purpley shade (again! I am entering a purple phase right now), probably destined for the ubiquitous Clap or some sort of wrap. And Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush, because I am sock besotted.

  • not a lot of actual knitting, because, see above.