I am alive. Barely. Yesterday was spent trying to unstuff my nose and keep food down. Sigh.

Anyway, here’s the product of my little indiscretion from one-at-a-time projects. Modeled by the Mouse. He’s so chipper in the morning.

mouse scarf

Pattern: the super popular My So Called Scarf
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay #107 Sage (actually variegated purples to magentas), about 1.5 balls. Size 11 straights.

stitch detailHere’s a picture of the herringbone stitch detail. The color here is a pretty close match to the real deal. This was a fun pattern to knit, although it got a little boring towards the end. I ended up with a scarf that was about 70 inches long, long enough to loop around my neck twice. The pattern is basically a two row repeat with interesting results. Amazing what can be done from a knit and a purl. The color variations and thick and thin yarniness of the Manos lends itself very well to the pattern. Plus, it feels really soft. Yay!

I never thought I’d say this given the fact that when I first started knitting not too long ago, I never knitted on anything smaller than 8’s, but knitting with the size 11 needles actually felt like knitting with big ol’ logs sometimes. My perspective has become skewed!

I had yarn leftover from the project so I also made this –


I’m usually not one to make matchy-matchy stuff but Manos! Had to use it up! The pattern was pretty much made up. Cast on 90 stitches and k2 p3 ribbing on size 8 dpns. I just kept trying it on until it covered my ears and then started decreasing. Without so much as working out the math first. Chalk that up to me trying to keep my Type A tendencies in check. Of course, the decreases aren’t even. Who cares? Variegated thick and thin yarn, very forgiving. Uneven decreases near top of noggin, who’s gonna look? Take a vacation Type A!