The past few weeks have been insane. A few highlights –

  • Super last minute Halloween powwow with Amy, Kelly, Rob and Rob’s friend Mike. So last minute that all I managed to do was dress up in my trusty aikido gi. Shredded knees and all. Amy has proof! We ended up at Numbers on Westheimer, where a costume contest was in full swing. There was the usual assortment of mildly offensive, slutty, amusing, and creative costumes. The girl who won the costume contest was dressed as Sally from Nightmare before Christmas, complete with yarn-y hair.
  • Work drama! Nothing much I want to say here except that it is quite stressful and the chips on some people’s shoulders are probably the only reason why they’re walking erect.
  • The not-so-secret project and I are On a Break. Nothing to worry about. We just needed some time apart.


    Here’s what it looked like the last time we saw each other.

    happier times

    Here we are during happier times.

    To ease my pain, I began an amorous love affair with this. He came on to me, I swear!


    The byproduct of this short, intense affair looks like this – it’s blocking, so better pictures will have to wait.

    so called detail

  • It looks like I will be moving. To Pennsylvania! A good opportunity to teach and pursue some clinical stuff presented itself, so I am making a go of it. It seems more real now that I’ve told a few people. I am excited. And kind of nervous and anxious as well. Self-doubt is a hard animal to tame. The new job is supposed to start in January. Tons of stuff to do before the move. Let the procrastination commence!