buried in paper

Buried in work. Work has been very busy. It seems like I’m spending all my time trying to catch up with writing lectures, case studies and test questions. My brain hurts. It’s probably partly my own fault because I am the queen of procrastination. All hail the queen! This post, in fact, is an attempt at procrastination.

Buried in water. Not here, fortunately, but in Manila, where my dad lives. The rainy season there can be pretty brutal. Many of my childhood memories involve huddling around the radio waiting for the local government to announce whether school would be closed because of flooding. Maybe that’s why the hurricane season here sort of feels like home 🙂

So, a pretty big typhoon hit Manila recently. The typhoon was called Xangsane (which my dad tells me is Laotian for “elephant”), but the locals renamed the typhoon “Milenyo” (which translates to “millenium”) Who thinks of these names?! And why do Filipinos have a penchant for renaming everything when there’s an international name already?! Ehem. Anyway, lots of rain and wind. Impressive enough that my normally I-don’t-ever-miss-a-day-of-work dad actually stayed at home. The city ground to a halt. Everything shut down, power went out. Here, a friend sent me these –

no more billboardslots of water

See those metal trusses on the left picture? Billboards used to be there. The other picture is of a neighborhood not far from where my dad lives. That dog in the picture has the right idea. I spoke to my dad yesterday and he’s OK. Power finally got restored after 3 days, but many parts of the city are still without power. And he casually mentions that they’re already bracing for the next typhoon. It’s so easy to be blase about these things because they happen fairly often and fortunately, nothing too bad has happened to my family yet. Still, the aftermath is often sobering and sad. Nature does not often fight fair.

Not much knitting has happened. So I’ll leave you with this instead – this has been going around, but it amuses me no end. Wish I could knit that fast!