I was told that I now drive a hoopty. I don’t really mind – my car has served me very well. So what if she shakes, or if she rattles, she still rolls, and that’s what matters. Her name’s Xiao Xiao de Toyota. A bit of an explanation – xiao is Mandarin for “small,” so literally in Mandarin, she’s the “small, small Toyota.” However, in Taiwanese, xiao xiao is a slang term for “crazy,” so on days of the week ending in -y, she’s the “crazy Toyota.”

Here she is in all her glory.


That strip of gray by the driver side door frame? Duct tape to keep the windows shut and lessen the whooshing sound you hear when the car’s going more than 45 mph. This side’s her better side, because the other side of the car has a dent – from when it had an unfortunate run-in with a tree branch. The door handles all look like this.

door handle

Someone tried to break into the car recently (for what reason, I have no idea) and so now all 4 of the door handles are broken. It takes special talent to get into the car now. There’s a hole in the dash for the AC, and you can’t see out the back window when it rains. No matter, xiao xiao still runs like a champ (on most days), and I feel lucky to have a car.

In other news, here’s the start of a long-awaited not-so-secret-project. Purple!

rumor has it