Proof of my edumacation.


It came in the mail a couple of days ago. I’m actually pretty relieved to get it because I never heard back from the Graduate School whether or not my application for graduation went through. Also, much sleep (and quite a bit of sanity) was lost in trying to acquire said edumacation, involving among other things, combative collaborators, bouts of insecurity, and thesis being held hostage. So yay! Too bad I don’t seem to be any smarter.

On to other larnin’. Observe – the beginnings of a toe up sock!

toeup socks

To many of you, this is old stuff, but this is new and exciting for me. Amy taught me how to do a Magic Cast On during Stitch and Bitch and it rocks! I had to start over a bunch of times because learning new technique while talking, laughing and eating – sometimes not such a good idea. Fortunately, Amy was pretty patient. Thanks, Amy!

And, and, there’s this –


It’s I Had To Have It yarn. The yarn is some self-striping superwash sock yarn by Yarntini, in the Pure Knits colorway, ordered from Pure Knits. The yarn came pretty quickly, beautifully packaged with a handwritten note, and a tiny sample of Fable alpaca. Mightily impressed. I’m looking forward to knitting it up.