body worldsDragged Hui Ji to see the Body Worlds 3 exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences. The exhibit was ending soon and I really wanted to see it. Of course, it seemed like a bunch of other people had the same idea as we did. The exhibit hall was super crowded!

For those of you unfamiliar with Body Worlds, it’s a traveling exhibit of preserved human bodies and body parts that are prepared using plastination. As someone who’s taken (and taught) several Anatomy classes and done a fair amount of dissecting, I found this exhibit pretty fascinating. It was neat to see these perfectly dissected and preserved specimens, being able to look at them from all angles, and seeing how they all fit together. The exposed human body as art, I suppose. Among the exhibits – a man kneeling in prayer holding his heart in his hands, a man carrying his skin.

jumping manThere were several instances in the exhibit where healthy organs were positioned next to diseased ones. Wow. Made me want to take better care of myself. Also, nuggets of anatomy trivia everywhere! My fount of useless and semi-useless information overfloweth!