September 2006

That pretty much sums up aikido for me. Except that I find that I often have two left feet. Today was one of those days. I just wasn’t totally comfortable out on the mats. Sometimes I just need to relax and not think too much. Still, I learn something new each time, and my fellow aikidoists help keep my technique honest.

Today’s class was pretty rough and tumble for some reason. Here’s a standout from today’s lovely collection of bruises. (more…)


Message on my answering machine from Dad. Chinese in italics.

Dad: Hello? Hello? HELLLOOOO? (long pause and LOUD traffic noise in the background). Operator? (long pause) Where are you? Why are you not at your dormitory yet? Is this your answering machine? I’m calling from my cell phone. (long pause) Is Ms. (my full entire name) there? Telephone number 713-xxx-xxxx? THIS IS YOUR FATHER.

How awesome is that? I love my dad! I have to say that the fact that he actually left a message on the machine is pretty remarkable. (more…)

So fabulous. Now all I need is a matching nerf herder. 🙂

I was told that I now drive a hoopty. I don’t really mind – my car has served me very well. So what if she shakes, or if she rattles, she still rolls, and that’s what matters. Her name’s Xiao Xiao de Toyota. A bit of an explanation – xiao is Mandarin for “small,” so literally in Mandarin, she’s the “small, small Toyota.” However, in Taiwanese, xiao xiao is a slang term for “crazy,” so on days of the week ending in -y, she’s the “crazy Toyota.” (more…)

Proof of my edumacation.


It came in the mail a couple of days ago. I’m actually pretty relieved to get it because I never heard back from the Graduate School whether or not my application for graduation went through. Also, much sleep (and quite a bit of sanity) was lost in trying to acquire said edumacation, involving among other things, combative collaborators, bouts of insecurity, and thesis being held hostage. So yay! Too bad I don’t seem to be any smarter.

On to other larnin’. Observe – the beginnings of a toe up sock!

toeup socks

To many of you, this is old stuff, but this is new and exciting for me. Amy taught me how to do a Magic Cast On during Stitch and Bitch and it rocks! I had to start over a bunch of times because learning new technique while talking, laughing and eating – sometimes not such a good idea. Fortunately, Amy was pretty patient. Thanks, Amy!

And, and, there’s this –


It’s I Had To Have It yarn. The yarn is some self-striping superwash sock yarn by Yarntini, in the Pure Knits colorway, ordered from Pure Knits. The yarn came pretty quickly, beautifully packaged with a handwritten note, and a tiny sample of Fable alpaca. Mightily impressed. I’m looking forward to knitting it up.

I bought a dress yesterday.  Shut up.

body worldsDragged Hui Ji to see the Body Worlds 3 exhibit at the Museum of Natural Sciences. The exhibit was ending soon and I really wanted to see it. Of course, it seemed like a bunch of other people had the same idea as we did. The exhibit hall was super crowded!

For those of you unfamiliar with Body Worlds, it’s a traveling exhibit of preserved human bodies and body parts that are prepared using plastination. As someone who’s taken (and taught) several Anatomy classes and done a fair amount of dissecting, I found this exhibit pretty fascinating. It was neat to see these perfectly dissected and preserved specimens, being able to look at them from all angles, and seeing how they all fit together. The exposed human body as art, I suppose. Among the exhibits – a man kneeling in prayer holding his heart in his hands, a man carrying his skin.

jumping manThere were several instances in the exhibit where healthy organs were positioned next to diseased ones. Wow. Made me want to take better care of myself. Also, nuggets of anatomy trivia everywhere! My fount of useless and semi-useless information overfloweth!