lake2 from ridge pecos trail

Five blissful days in the Pecos Wilderness in the Santa Fe National Forest in New Mexico. Along with three smart, awesome ladies. We backpacked up to Pecos Baldy Lake and set up camp there. The trail up to the lake was pretty steep and featured plenty of switchbacks. From our lake camp, we hiked up to Pecos Baldy peak and the Trailrunners Ridge. The scenery was pretty breathtaking and the company was great. Many of the trails we hiked were pretty challenging. There were times when I was afraid I was in over my head, but things turned out OK. The weather was a bit erratic though. I don’t think I’ve ever been so starved for sunshine – I never thought I’d say that considering I live in Houston, aka the armpit of Texas.

Things I Learned on this Trip:

  • driving through Texas can be pretty monotonous.
    to Amarillo away Amarillo
    On the road to Amarillo, on the road away from Amarillo
  • fitting 4 people in a 3-man tent is possible, but everyone has to sleep real still.
  • when it rains the whole day, a 7 p.m. bedtime seems like a good idea.
  • rain ponchos can cover yourself and your pack if you scrunch yourself up just so.
    rain rain
  • witnessing a thunderstorm while on top of a peak, way above the treeline, is fascinating, until…
  • noticing that all the trees on the peak are lightning-scarred while outrunning said thunderstorm, is scary.
  • it gets cold up there in them thar hills! But…
  • sleeping in a hammock under the stars – good times (double layers of clothing notwithstanding).
  • tuna with taco seasoning is suprisingly tasty!
  • I’m OK with the not showering and the not looking in the mirror.
  • although it took us a full day of hiking to get to the lake, it took half as long to get back down to the trailhead.
  • hiking with a full pack and on steep trails can wreak havoc on ones knees (see also outrunning thunderstorm). Owie!

    to the lake