shakespeareThe title’s a quote from “The Tempest.” One of the offerings of this year’s Houston Shakespeare Festival (the other was Titus Andronicus). I try to catch both offerings every year – I’m not a theater connoisseur but I’ve usually enjoyed HSF’s interpretations. And the plays are free, which is even better.sandman cover

Anyway, the Tempest – there is a shipwreck, magic and monsters. There’s a love story in there too. I thought this was pretty good. Sidenote – my favoritest comic book series the Sandman had a memorable story that was loosely based on this play – issue #75, for you true believers. The picture on the right is the cover from that particular issue – cover art by the fantastic Dave McKean.

On to Titus Andronicus. Pretty bloody. Dismemberment, check. Rape, check. Massacres, check. Turban-type headgear, check. Of the two plays that the HSF stages, one usually has a relatively straightforward staging, and the other, well, has a more “creative” re-imagining. Ahem. Titus Andronicus was the latter. There was plenty of symbolic devices in this one, probably to make the onstage carnage less monotonous. Gore wrapped in sexy verses.